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Number 1

9-42 Tilted original oil/water contact in the Arab-D reservoir,
Ghawar field, Saudi Arabia
Bruno Stenger, Tony Pham, Nabeel Al-Araleg and Paul Lawrence
See Errata: Volume 8, No. 2, p. 313

47-86 The Arab Formation in central Abu Dhabi: 3-D reservoir architecture and static and dynamic modeling
Jurgen Grotsch, Omar Suwaina, Ghiath Ajlani, Ahmed Taher and Reyad Khassawneh, Stephen Lokier and Gordon Coy, Erik van der Weerd, Shehadeh Masalmeh and Johan van Dorp

91-124 Structural setting and tectonic evolution of the Bahariya Depression, Western Desert, Egypt
Adel R. Moustafa, Ati Saoudi, Alaa Moubasher, Ibrahim M. Ibrahim, Hisham Molokhia and Bernie Schwartz

129-146 Paleoecological and paleobiogeographical significance of the rudist Macgillavryia sp. n. in the Campanian of Oman
Jean M. Philip

151-156 Review: 6th International Rudist Congress in Rovinj, Crotia
Geraint Wyn ap Gwilym Hughes

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Number 2

201-226 Lithological and structural evolution of the northern sector of Dukhan anticline, Qatar, during the early Tertiary: with special reference to sequence stratigraphic bounding surfaces
Harald G. Dill, Sobhi Nasir and Hamad Al-Saad

231-270 Surface-piercing Salt Domes of interior North Oman, and their significance of the Ara Carbonate "Stinger" hydrocarbon play
Jeroen M. Peters, Jacek Filbrandt, John Grotzinger, Mark Newall, Mark Shuster and Hisham Al-Siyabi

275-294 The Lower Cretaceous carbonate slope to platform margin succession near Khatt, UAE: sedimentary facies and depositional geometries
Bernd Eilrich and Jurgen Grotsch

299-308 Reconstruction of the original organic richness in weathered Silurian shale outcrops (Murzuq and Kufra basins, southern Libya)
Sebastian Luning, Sadat Kolonic, David K. Loydell and Jonathan Craig

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Number 3

367-430 Safah field, Oman: retrospective of a new-concept exploration play, 1980 to 2000
David R.D. Boote and Duenchien Mou

435-462 Reservoir rock classification, Arab-D reservoir, Ghawar Field, Saudi Arabia
Dave L. Cantrell and R. M. Hagerty

467-496 Palynological biozonation of the Permian of Oman and
Saudi Arabia: progress and challenges
Mike H. Stephenson, Peter L. Osterloff and John Filatoff

501-522 Lateral clay injection into normal faults
Wouter van der Zee, Janos L. Urai and Pascal D. Richard

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Number 4

578-580 Arabian Plate Precambrian-Cambrian Boundary interpreted in Oman's Ara Group
Moujahed Al-Husseini, Joachim Amthor, John Grotzinger and Joerg Mattner

585-596 Shu’aiba rudist taphonomy using computerised tomography and image logs, Shaybah field, Saudi Arabia
G. Wyn ap G. Hughes, Shameem Siddiqui and R. Kumbe Sadler

601-620 Reservoir quality and K-Ar age dating of the pre-Khuff section of Kuwait
Christian J. Strohmenger, Menahi S. Al-Anzi, David R. Pevear, Robert F. Ylagan, Tobi H. Kosanke, G. Scott Ferguson, Daniel H. Cassiani and Adel F. Douban

625-638 Predicting the occurrence of bulk bitumen in uncored wells: a core-log calibration method, Uwainat Reservoir, Dukhan field, Qatar
Varavur V. Shankar, Ali M.S. Trabelsi and Mirza Arshad Beg

643-662 Aptian faulting in the Haushi-Huqf (Oman) and the tectonic evolution of the southeast Arabian platform-margin
Christian Montenat, Pascal Barrier and Henri J. Soudet

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