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Number 1

8-201 GEO 2000 Conference Abstracts

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Number 2

215-228 Back-thrust Origin of the Hafit Structure, Northern Oman Mountain Front, United Arab Emirates.
M. Atef Noweir (United Arab Emirates University, Al-Ain)

231-266 International Subcommission on Stratigraphic Classification of IUGS International Commission on Stratigraphy. International Stratigraphic Guide ­ An Abridged Version.
Edited by Michael A. Murphy (University of California) and Amos Salvador (University of Texas at Austin)

269-296 Design and Development of Information Systems for the Geosciences: An Application to the Middle East.
Dogan Seber, David Steer, Eric Sandvol, Christine Sandvol, Carrie Brindisi and Muawia Barazangi (Cornell University)

299-322 Recognition and Interpretation of Polygenic Discontinuity Surfaces in the Middle Cretaceous Shu'aiba, Nahr Umr, and Natih Formations of Northern Oman.
Adrian Immenhauser, Anouk Creusen (Vrije University, Amsterdam), Mateu Esteban (Carbonates International) and Hubert B. Vonhof (Vrije University, Amsterdam)

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Number 3

355-384 Stratigraphic and Petrophysical Characteristics of Cored Arab-D Super-k Intervals, Hawiyah Area, Ghawar Field, Saudi Arabia.
Franz O. Meyer (Saudi Aramco), Rex C. Price (Chevron) and Saleh M. Al-Raimi (Saudi Aramco)

387-402 Structural Style and Stratigraphy of the Huwayyah Anticline: an Example of an Al-Ain Tertiary Fold, Northern Oman Mountains.
M. Atef Noweir and Abdulrahman S. Alsharhan (United Arab Emirates University, Al-Ain)

405-424 Carbonate Platform to Basin Transition along an Upper Cretaceous to Lower Tertiary Syrian Arc Uplift, Galala Plateaus, Eastern Desert of Egypt.
Jochen Kuss, Christian Scheibner and Ralf Gietl (University of Bremen, Germany)

427-440 A 9C-2D Land Seismic Experiment for Lithology Estimation of a Permian Clastic Reservoir.
Costas G. Macrides and Panos G. Kelamis (Saudi Aramco)

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Number 4

483-508 Albian-Cenomanian Palynology, Paleoecology and Organic Thermal Maturity of Well DK-B in the Dukhan Oil Field of Western Qatar.
Mohamed I.A. Ibrahim and Hind H.A. Al-Hitmi (University of Qatar) and Suzan E. Kholeif (National Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries, Egypt)

511-524 Production and Geological Implications of the Natih 9C3D Seismic Survey.
Victor H. Hitchings and Hans Potters (Petroleum Development Oman)

527-54 2 Origin of the Arabian Plate Structures: Amar Collision and Najd Rift.
Moujahed I. Al-Husseini (Gulf PetroLink)

545-578 Bioecostratigraphy of the Shu'aiba Formation, Shaybah field, Saudi Arabia.
Geraint Wyn Hughes (Saudi Aramco)

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