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Number 1

9-34 Geological Evolution of the Central Marib-Shabwa Basin, Yemen.
Joe Brannan (Nimir Petroleum Ltd.), Gurdip Sahota (Oryx Energy Company), Keith D. Gerdes (Triton Resources (UK) Ltd.) and Jonathan A.L. Berry (Shell UK Exploration and Production)

37-50 The 3-D MegaProject in Petroleum Development Oman: A 3-D Data Management Concept for Seismic, Workstation Support and Interpretation.
Maarten H.P. Ligtendag (Petroleum Development Oman)

53-68 Stratigraphy and Operational Palynology of the Devonian System in Saudi Arabia.
Sa'id A. Al-Hajri, John Filatoff (Saudi Aramco), Lawrence E. Wender (Mobil, previously Saudi Aramco), and A. Kent Norton (Saudi Aramco)

71-90 Quaternary Evolution of Dawhat Zulum (Half Moon Bay) Region, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia.
Ruud Weijermars (Alboran Media Group)

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Number 2

129-154 Microporosity in Arab Formation Carbonates, Saudi Arabia.
David L. Cantrell (Saudi Aramco) and Royal M. Hagerty (previously Saudi Aramco)

157-180 The Natih Petroleum System of North Oman.
Jos M.J. Terken (Petroleum Development Oman)

183-196 Best Practices in 3-D Land Seismic Acquisition in the Middle East and North Africa: Cost-Effective Acquisition in a Low Oil Price Environment.
Neil McMahon (Arthur D. Little Management Consultants), Kees Ruitenbeek (Petroleum Development Oman), Jan Wams (Shell Compania Argentina de Petroleo S.A.) and Steve Slawson (Continuum Resources International Corporation)

199-226 Surface Geology, Lithostratigraphy and Tertiary Growth of the Dammam Dome, Saudi Arabia: A New Field Guide.
Ruud Weijermars (Alboran Media Group)

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Number 3

289-318 Tectonic Evolution of Northeast Syria: Regional Implications and Hydrocarbon Prospects.
Graham Brew, Robert Litak, Muawia Barazangi (Cornell University) and Tarif Sawaf (Syrian Petroleum Company)

321-336 Paleozoic Petroleum System of Central Saudi Arabia.
Mahdi A. Abu-Ali (Saudi Aramco), Jean-Luc L. Rudkiewicz (Institut Français du Pétrole), Jim G. McGillivray (Saudi Aramco) and Françoise Behar (Institut Français du Pétrole)

339-360 Structural Influences on Facies Trends of Carbonate Inner Ramp Systems, Examples from Kuwait-Saudi Arabian Coast of the Arabian Gulf and Northern Yucatan, Mexico.
Anthony J. Lomando (Chevron Overseas Petroleum Incorporated)

363-378 Subsalt Depth Imaging Using 3-D VSP Technique in the Ras El Ush Field, Gulf of Suez.
Mohammed A. Badri (Schlumberger Oilfield Services), Taha M. Taha (Gebel El Zeit Petroleum Company) and Robert W. Wiley (Marathon Oil Company)

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Number 4

445-464 Depth Imaging Sub-salt Structures: A Case Study in the Midyan Peninsula (Red Sea).
Denis Mougenot (ARGAS) and Amir A. Al-Shakhis (Saudi Aramco)

467-500 Petrological and Tectonostratigraphic Evidence for a Mid Ordovician Rift Pulse on the the Arabian Peninsula.
W. Heiko Oterdoom (Petroleum Development Oman), Mike Worthington (Sultan Qaboos University) and Mark Partington (Petroleum Development Oman)

503-542 Lithostratigraphy and Depositional History of Part of the Midyan Region, Northwestern Saudi Arabia.
G. Wyn Hughes (Saudi Aramco), Dogan Perincek (King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals), David J. Grainger (Gulf PetroLink), Abdul-Jaleel Abu-Bshait (Saudi Aramco) and Abdulrahman Jarad (King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals)

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