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Number 1

5-16 Geographical Information System in the Exploration Environment.
Roger D. Abel (Shell Nigeria)

19-32 Pleistocene Carbonate Seif Dunes and their Role in the Development of Complex Past and Present Coastlines of the U.A.E.
Anthony Kirkham (Reservoir Characterization, Research & Consulting, Inc.)

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Number 2

209-226 The Challenge of Interpreting 3-D Seismic in Shaybah Field, Saudi Arabia.
Mohammed N. Alfaraj, Edgardo L. Nebrija and Michael D. Ferguson (Saudi Aramco)

229-248 Paleozoic Stratigraphy and Petroleum Systems of the Western and Southwestern Deserts of Iraq.
Adnan A.M. Aqrawi (Smedvig Technologies)

251-268 Sequence Stratigraphy of the Arab A to C Members and Hith Formation, Offshore Abu Dhabi.
Samir R. Azer (Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company) and Ross G. Peebles (Halliburton Energy Services)

273-302 Paleozoic (Pre-Khuff) Hydrocarbon Geology of the Ghawar Area, Eastern Saudi Arabia.
Lawrence E. Wender, Jeffrey W. Bryant, Martin F. Dickens, Allen S. Neville and Abdulrahman M. Al-Moqbel (Saudi Aramco)

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Number 3

339-356 Source Rock Distribution and Thermal Maturity in the Southern Arabian Peninsula.
Penelope A. Milner (Phillips Petroleum Company)

359-384 Forward Modeling of Sequence Stratigraphy & Diagenesis: Application to Rapid, Cost-Effective Carbonate Reservoir Characterization.
Robley K. Matthews and Cliff Frohlich (RKM Associates)

387-398 Structural and Stratigraphical Setting of the Faiyah Range, Northwestern Oman Mountain Front, United Arab Emirates.
M. Atef Noweir, Abdulrahman S. Alsharhan and Mohamed A. Boukhary (United Arab Emirates University)

401-414 Surface Geology of Jebel Rawdah, Oman Mountains.
M.G. Salah Abou Sayed (Landmark Graphics Corporation) and Mohamed A. Mersal (United Arab Emirates University)

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Number 4

475-490 Regional Structural Style of the Central and Southern Oman Mountains: Jebel Akhdar, Saih Hatat, and the Northern Ghaba Basin.
Van S. Mount (ARCO), Roderick I.S. Crawford (ARCO Qatar Inc.) and Steven C. Bergman (ARCO Exploration and Production Technology Company)

493-506 Generation and Retention of Hydrocarbon in the Haushi Play, North Oman.
Pascal D. Richard, Peter J.R. Nederlof and Jos M.J. Terken, Nashwa Al-Ruwehi (Petroleum Development Oman)

509-540 Plio-Quaternary Movement of the East Arabian Block.
Ruud Weijermars (Alboran Media Group, previously King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals)

543-560 A New Look at the Middle-Lower Cretaceous Stratigraphy, Offshore Kuwait.
Abdul Aziz Al-Fares (Kuwait Oil Company), Mark Bouman and Peter Jeans (Shell International Exploration and Production B.V.)

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