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Number 1

19-34 The Use of Borehole Imaging Logs to Optimize Horizontal Well Completions in Fractured Water-flooded Carbonate Reservoirs.
Rashid Al-Busaidi (PDO)

37-46 Seeking Low Relief Structures: An Original Approach Applied in Western Oman.
Cherif Benkara-Mostefa (Elf Oman), Cyril Saint-André, Eric de Bazelaire and Marc Girard (Elf Aquitaine)

49-64 Degradation of Reservoir Quality by Clay Content, Unayzah Formation, Central Saudi Arabia.
George R. Polkowski (Saudi Aramco)

65-88 Delineation of Organic Richness and Thermal History of the Lower Cretaceous Thamama Group, East Abu Dhabi: A Modeling Approach for Oil Exploration.
Ahmed A. Taher (ADNOC)

91-110 Jurassic Geology of Kuwait.
Samir Yousif and Ghalib Nouman (Ministry of Oil, Kuwait)

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Number 2

151-164 Thermal History of the Lower and Middle Cretaceous Source Rocks in Kuwait.
Fowzia H.A. Abdullah (Kuwait University), Peter J.R. Nederlof (PDO), Mark P. Ormerod (PDO) and Robert R.F. Kinghorn (Imperial College)

165-178 Shuttle Imaging Radar Views of Some Geological Features in the Arabian Peninsula.
Khattab G. Al-Hinai, Abdallah E. Dabbagh, Weston C. Gardner, Muhammad A. Khan and Salih Saner (King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals)

179-202 Sequence Stratigraphic Modeling of the Lower Thamama Group, East Onshore Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
Sabah K. Aziz and Mohamed M. Abd El-Sattar (ADNOC)

205-216 Recent Developments in 3-D Acquisition Techniques in Oman.
Jan Wams and Justus Rozemond (PDO)

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Number 3

239-256 Cretaceous Subsurface Geology of the Middle East Region.
Louis Christian (International Consultant)

259-278 Stratigraphic Trap in the Permian Unayzah Formation, Central Saudi Arabia.
Daniel S. Evans, Bassam H. Bahabri and Ahmed M. Al-Otaibi (Saudi Aramco)

279-304 The Great Pearl Bank Barrier of the Arabian Gulf as a Possible Shu'aiba Analogue.
Geraint Wyn Hughes (Saudi Aramco)

307-330 Structural Development of Jebel Abd Al Aziz, Northeast Syria.
W. Norman Kent and Robert G. Hickman (Unocal Corporation)

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Number 4

361-382 Jurassic Sequence Stratigraphy of the Western and Southern Arabian Gulf.
Moujahed I. Al-Husseini (Gulf PetroLink)

385-400 Lithostratigraphy, Sedimentology and Hydrocarbon Habitat of the Pre-Cenomanian Nubian Sandstone in the Gulf of Suez Oil Province, Egypt.
Abdulrahman S. Alsharhan and Mohamed G. Salah (United Arab Emirates University)

403-416 Shoreline Evolution, Aeolian Deflation and Anhydrite Distribution of the Holocene, Abu Dhabi.
Anthony Kirkham (Landmark Graphics)

419-472 Stratigraphy of the Lower Paleozoic Haima Supergroup of Oman.
Henk H.J. Droste (Petroleum Development Oman)

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