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Number 1

17-26 Calcimicrobe tubules in uppermost Jurassic Arab-A carbonates of Saudi Arabia
G. Wyn ap Gwilym Hughes

31-44 Sequence stratigraphy of the Late Campanian – Early Maastrichtian Shiranish Formation, Jabal Sinjar, northwestern Iraq
Nabil Yousif Al-Banna

49-90 The sabkha sequence at Mussafah Channel (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates): Facies stacking patterns, microbial-mediated dolomite and evaporite overprint
Christian J. Strohmenger, Abdulla Al-Mansoori, Omar Al-Jeelani,
Ali Al-Shamry, Ismail Al-Hosani, Khalil Al-Mehsin and Hesham Shebl

95-114 Overview of the Triassic System in Syria: Lithostratigraphic and biostratigraphic correlations with neighboring areas
Mikhail Mouty and Claude Gout

119-132 Biogenic silica microfossils in sediments of the Permian – Carboniferous Unayzah Formation, Saudi Arabia
Johanna F.L. Garming, Stephen G. Franks, Holger Cremer and Oscar A. Abbink

137-160 Middle East Geologic Time Scale: Early Cambrian Asfar Sequence
Moujahed I. Al-Husseini

165-205 Abstracts of the EAGE Second Arabian Plate Geology Workshop: Albian – Cenonmanian – Turonian Carbonate-Siliciclastic Systems of the Arabian Plate
24–27 January 2010, Abu Dhabi (UAE)

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Number 2

17-50 Reservoir description of a mid-Cretaceous siliciclastic-carbonate ramp reservoir: Mauddud Formation in the Raudhatain and Sabiriyah fields, North Kuwait
Nigel Cross, Ian Goodall, Cathy Hollis, Trevor Burchette, Hussain Z. D. Al-Ajmi, Imelda Gorman Johnson, Raja Mukherjee, Mike Simmons and Roger Davies

55-86 Advances in Arabian stratigraphy: Allostratigraphic layering related to paleo-water table fluctuations in eolian sandstones of the Permian Unayzah A reservoir, South Haradh, Saudi Arabia
John Melvin, Brian P. Wallick and Christian J. Heine

91-156 Facies and stratigraphic framework of a Khuff outcrop equivalent: Saiq and Mahil formations, Al Jabal al-Akhdar, Sultanate of Oman
Bastian Koehrer, Michael Zeller, Thomas Aigner, Michael Poeppelreiter, Paul Milroy, Holger Forke and Suleiman Al-Kind

161-170 New age for the lower part of the Kuhlan Formation, northwest Y emen
Mike H. Stephenson and Sa’ad Zeki A. Kader Al-Mashaikie

175-204 Middle East Geologic Time Scale 2010: Miocene Kareem Sequence, Gulf of Suez, Egypt
Moujahed I. Al-Husseini, M. Dia Mahmoud and Robley K. Matthews

209-244 Essay and Book Review: Infracambrian Debate: Cryogenian versus Ediacaran Models
Moujahed I. Al-Husseini

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Number 3

17-80 Heavy mineral stratigraphy of the Unayzah Formation and Basal Khuff Clastics (Carboniferous to Permian) of Central Saudi Arabia
Robert W.O'B. Knox, Joshua D. Cocker and John Filatoff

85-124 Structural evolution of the Hawasina Window, Oman Mountains
László Csontos, Tamás Pocsai, Ágoston Sasvári, Márton Palotai,
Gizella Árgyelán-Bagoly, László I. Fodor, Árpád Magyari and Mohammed Al-Wardi

129-150 Sequence-stratigraphic interpretation of structurally controlled deposition: Middle Miocene Kareem Formation, southwestern Gulf of Suez, Egypt
Ahmed I.M. Abd El-Naby, Hussam Ghanem, Mohamed Boukhary,
Mohamed H. Abd El-Aal, Sebastian Lüning and Jochen Kuss

155-167 ESSAY - Orbital-forcing glacio-eustasy: A sequence-stratigraphic time scale
Robley K. Matthews and Moujahed I. Al-Husseini

171-206 MIDDLE EAST GEOLOGIC TIME SCALE 2010 - Calibrating Mid-Permian to Early Triassic Khuff sequences with orbital clocks
Moujahed I. Al-Husseini and Robley K. Matthews

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Number 4

17-44 Oligocene stratigraphy in the Sinjar Basin, northwestern Iraq
Nabil Y. Al-Banna, Majid M. Al-Mutwali and Nawzat R. Ismail

49-76 Dolomitization and porosity evaluation of the Cretaceous Upper Qamchuqa (Mauddud) Formation, Khabbaz oil field, Kirkuk area, northern Iraq
Basim Al-Qayim, Fuad M. Qadir and Fawzi Albeyati

81-120 Marine flooding events of the Early and Middle Ordovician of Oman and the United Arab Emirates and their graptolite, acritarch and chitinozoan associations
Barrie R. Rickards, Graham A. Booth, Florentin Paris and Alan P. Heward

125-142 MIDDLE EAST GEOLOGIC TIME SCALE 2010: Late Albian, Cenomanian and Turonian Natih Supersequence of Oman: Type section for Orbiton 7 (103.6–89.0 Ma)
Moujahed I. Al-Husseini

147-188 Structures of the Kirkuk Embayment, northern Iraq: Foreland structures or Zagros Fold Belt structures?
W. Norman Kent

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