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Number 1

15-34 Lithology estimation from a multicomponent 3D-4C OBC seismic survey over a clastic reservoir in the Arabian Gulf
Costas G. Macrides and Fernando A. Neves

39-54 Microfacies and sequence stratigraphy of the Late Campanian Bekhme Formation in the Dohuk area, north Iraq
Majid M. Al-Mutwali, Nabil Y. Al-Banna and Jamal S. Al-Ghrear

59-84 A new upper Oligocene marine record from northern Sinai (Egypt) and its paleogeographic context
Jochen Kuss and Mohamed A. Boukhary

89-94 Jurassic-Cretaceous Arabian orbital stratigraphy: The AROS-JK Chart
Moujahed Al-Husseini and Robley K. Matthews

97-262 GEO 2008: The 8th Middle East geosciences conference abstracts.
3–5 March 2008, Bahrain

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Number 2

15-46 Late Oxfordian micropalaeontology, nannopalaeontology and palaeoenvironments of Saudi Arabia
Geraint Wyn ap Gwilym Hughes, Osman Varol and Mokhtar Al-Khalid

51-86 Stratigraphy of the Valanginian? to Early Paleocene succession in central Saudi Arabia outcrops: Implications for regional Arabian sequence stratigraphy
Yves-Michel Le Nindre, Denis Vaslet, Sami S. Maddah and Moujahed I. Al-Husseini

91-118 Geophysical investigation of Al Jaww Plain, eastern Abu Dhabi: Implications for structure and evolution of the frontal fold belts of Oman Mountains
Mohammed Y. Ali, Manhal Sirat and James Small

123-136 Design of a P-wave seismic vibrator with advanced performance
Zhouhong Wei

141-182 Abstracts of the International Conferences on Evaporite Stratigraphy, Structure and Geochemistry, and their role in Hydrocarbon Exploration and Exploitation
Abdulrahman S. Alsharhan, Christopher G.St.C. Kendall and Ahmad S. Al-Suwaidi

187-190 Stratigraphic Note: Oligocene / Miocene boundary in northern Iraq
Nabil Y. Al-Banna

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Number 3

15-34 Correlation of the Al Khlata Formation in the Mukhaizna field, Oman, based on a new downhole, cuttings-based palynostratigraphic biozonation
Mike H. Stephenson, Asya Al Rawahi and Brian Casey

39-120 Outcrop sedimentology of the Natih Formation, northern Oman: A field guide to selected outcrops in the Adam Foothills and Al Jabal al Akhdar areas
Peter Homewood, Philippe Razin, Carine Grélaud, Henk Droste,
Volker Vahrenkamp, Monique Mettraux and Joerg Mattner

125-136 Colour change in the acritarch Veryhachium as an indicator of thermal maturity
Catherine M. B. Duggan and Geoff Clayton

141-174 The Middle Miocene Fatha (Lower Fars) Formation, Iraq
Ali Ismail Al-Juboury and Tom McCann

179-218 Selected geoscience and upstream abstracts from International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) 2007
Reprinted from the IPTC 2007 Proceedings held in Dubai,
United Arab Emirates, 4 to 6 December 2007

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Number 4

15-40 Facies in the Unayzah Formation and the Basal Khuff Clastics in subsurface, northern Kuwait
Saifullah Khan Tanoli, Riyasat Husain and Abdul Aziz Sajer

45-72 Siliciclastic sedimentation in the interlude between two Neoproterozoic glaciations, Mirbat area, southern Oman: A missing link in the Huqf Supergroup?
Ruben Rieu and Philip A. Allen

77-108 Salt tectonics in the Thumrait area, in the southern part of the South Oman Salt Basin: Implications for mini-basin evolution
Badar Al-Barwani and Ken McClay

113-160 Application of Thomeer Hyperbolas to decode the pore systems, facies and reservoir properties of the Upper Jurassic Arab D Limestone, Ghawar field, Saudi Arabia: A “Rosetta Stone” approach
Edward A. Clerke, Harry W. Mueller III, Eugene Craig Phillips, Ramsin Y. Eyvazzadeh, David H. Jones, Raghu Ramamoorthy and Ashok Srivastava

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