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Barremian – Aptian stratigraphy and hydrocarbon habitat of the eastern Arabian PlateBarremian – Aptian stratigraphy and hydrocarbon habitat of the eastern Arabian Plate comprises 18 papers covering one of the most hydrocarbon-rich stratigraphic intervals in the Middle East. They were written over a period of two and a half years by more than 60 authors and co-authors from industry, academia, geological surveys and research organisations, and reviewed by 34 experts and the four editors (F.S.P. van Buchem, .M.I. Al-Husseini, F. Maurer and H.J. Droste).

The two volumes are the fourth of the series of GeoArabia Special Publications. They are presented in 614 pages including more than 300 graphics and several large enclosures, which illustrate a vast array of new multi-disciplinary data and interpretations in high-resolution, color-matched designs. The graphics illustrate fossils, chemostratigraphic curves, 2-D and 3-D seismic, well logs, core, outcrop photos, maps and much more. Every paper starts with a figure showing its study area on a common late Early Aptian palaeogeographic basemap, followed by a stratigraphic figure comparing the local stratigraphy to that of the Arabian Plate synthesis; and in the GTS 2004 time scale. These two figures carry the reader's eyes effortlessly across all the papers.

The major improvement of our understanding of the Barremian – Aptian carbonate strata can be directly applied by petroleum geoscientist and engineers, both at the reservoir and exploration scales. It sets an example for an integrated approach that is equally applicable to other stratigraphic intervals.

ISBN 978-99901-10-59-3 

The glacio-eustatic, sea-level fluctuations recorded in the Arabian Plate are believed to have a global expression which suggests the here presented conceptual models can be extrapolated to other plates and basins<  Barremian – Aptian stratigraphy and hydrocarbon habitat of the eastern Arabian Plate papers are sequentially presented from regional synthesis to field-scale case study: • van Buchem et al. seamlessly tie, for the first time, the regional Barremian to Lower Albian sequence stratigraphy and discuss its implications on E&P. A wall-size enclosure shows traverses and maps that span some two million square kilometres from northeast Africa to the southern and eastern Arabian Plate.

Schroeder et al. revise the Barremian to Early Albian orbitolinid zonation scheme across northeast Africa and the Arabian Plate.

Le Nindre et al. share the discovery of a rare ammonite in Central Saudi Arabia that pins down the age of the maximum flooding surface of the Aptian Supersequence. 

Vahrenkamp builds a chemostratigraphic framework for the Aptian of Oman and the United Arab Emirates and compares it to other Neo-Tethyan realms. 

Vincent et al. combine chemo- and biostratigraphy into a Barremian to Lower Albian framework for southwest Iran.

Al-Husseini and Matthews date fourth- and third-order sequences with an orbital-forcing model and compare it to the global sequences in GTS 2004.

Droste illustrates the regional evolution of the Shu’aiba Platform and Bab Basin in the Sultanate of Oman. 

Hillgärtner describes the earliest Aptian lowstand wedge along the Neo-Tethys margin corresponding to an exposure surface over the Arabian Plate. 

Yose et al. and Strohmenger et al. build the sequence-stratigraphic architecture for two adjacent giant Aptian fields in the United Arab Emirates.

Al-Ghamdi and Read unravel the sequence-stratigraphic architecture of the Shu'aiba reservoir in Saudi Arabia. 

Pierson et al. map the Upper Aptian lowstand seismic clinoforms along the margin of the Bab Basin. 

Maurer et al. describe the facies, distribution, reservoir and sealing potential of the Upper Aptian lowstand clinoforms. 

Raven et al. discover the Upper Aptian siliciclastic-filled, incised valley system in offshore Qatar. 

van Buchem et al. cover the regional Barremian to Lower Albian sequence stratigraphy for southwest Iran. 

Amthor et al. characterise the Shu'aiba reservoir along the margin of the Bab Basin in the Sultanate of Oman. 

Warrlich et al. characterise the Shu'aiba reservoir in several fields with sparse well control in Central Oman. 

Maili et al. map fracture intensity and orientation using 3D4C seismic attributes in the Shu'aiba reservoir in offshore Qatar.

Table of Contents Volume 1


6-7 Preface

9-48 Sequence-stratigraphic synthesis of the Barremian – Aptian of the eastern Arabian Plate and implications for the petroleum habitat
F.S.P. van Buchem, M.I. Al-Husseini, F. Maurer, H.J. Droste and L.A. Yose

49-96 Revised orbitolinid biostratigraphic zonation for the Barremian – Aptian of the eastern Arabian Plate and implications for regional stratigraphic correlations 
R. Schroeder, F.S.P. van Buchem, A. Cherchi, D. Baghbani, B. Vincent, A. Immenhauser and B. Granier

97-106 Aptian ammonite of the Sallah Formation, Central Saudi Arabia
Y.-M. Le Nindre, D. Vaslet and R. Busnardo

107-137 Chemostratigraphy of the Lower Cretaceous Shu’aiba Formation: 
A d13C reference profile for the Aptian Stage from the southern Neo-Tethys Ocean
V.C. Vahrenkamp

139-197 Carbon-isotope stratigraphy, biostratigraphy and organic matter distribution in the Aptian – Lower Albian successions of southwest Iran (Dariyan and Kazhdumi formations)
B. Vincent, F.S.P. van Buchem, L.G. Bulot, A. Immenhauser, M. Caron, D. Baghbani and A.Y. Huc

199-228 Tuning Late Barremian – Aptian Arabian Plate and global sequences with orbital period
M.I. Al-Husseini and R.K. Matthews

229-283 Sequence-stratigraphic framework of the Aptian Shu’aiba Formation in the Sultanate of Oman
H.J. Droste 

285-300 Anatomy of a microbially constructed, high-energy, ocean-facing carbonate platform margin (earliest Aptian, northern Oman Mountains)
H. Hillgärtner

301 About the Editors 

302-307 About the Referees 

308 GeoArabia’s Team

Pocket Enclosure I (van Buchem et al., p. 9-48); Enclosures I-1 and I-2 (Vincent et al., p. 139-197); Figure 17 (Droste, p. 229-283)

Table of Contents Volume 2

309-340 Sequence-stratigraphic evolution of an Aptian carbonate platform (Shu’aiba Formation), eastern Arabian Plate, onshore Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 
L.A. Yose, C.J. Strohmenger, I. Al-Hosani, G. Bloch and Y. Al-Mehairi

341-365 Sedimentology and chemostratigraphy of the Hawar and Shu’aiba depositional sequences, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
C.J. Strohmenger, T. Steuber, A. Ghani, D.G. Barwick, S.H.A. Al-Mazrooei and N.O. Al-Zaabi

367-410 Facies-based sequence-stratigraphic framework of the Lower Cretaceous rudist platform, Shu’aiba Formation, Saudi Arabia
N. Al-Ghamdi and F.J. Read 

411-444 Seismic stratigraphy and depositional history of the Upper Shu’aiba (Late Aptian) in the UAE and Oman
B.J. Pierson, G.P. Eberli, K. Al-Mehsin, S. Al-Menhali, G. Warrlich, H.J. Droste, F. Maurer, J. Whitworth and D. Drysdale

445-468 Facies characteristics and architecture of Upper Aptian Shu’aiba clinoforms in Abu Dhabi 
F. Maurer, K. Al-Mehsin, B.J. Pierson, G.P. Eberli, G. Warrlich, D. Drysdale and H.J. Droste

469-502 Late Aptian incised valleys and siliciclastic infill at the top of the Shu’aiba Formation (Block 5, offshore Qatar) 
M.J. Raven, F.S.P. van Buchem, P.-H. Larsen, F. Surlyk, H. Steinhardt, D. Cross, N. Klem and M. Emang

503-548 Barremian - Lower Albian sequence stratigraphy of southwest Iran (Gadvan, Dariyan and Kazhdumi formations) and its comparison with Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates
F.S.P. van Buchem, D. Baghbani, L.G. Bulot, M. Caron, F. Gaumet, A. Hosseini, F. Keyvani, R. Schroeder, R. Swennen, V. Vedrenne and B. Vincent 

549-576 Reservoir characterisation of a Shu’aiba carbonate ramp-margin field, northern Oman 
J.E. Amthor, C. Kerans and P. Gauthier 

577-604 Reservoir characterisation of data-poor fields with regional analogues: A case study from the Lower Shu’aiba in the Sultanate of Oman. 
G. Warrlich, H. Hillgärtner, N. Rameil, J. Gittins, I. Mahruqi, T. Johnson, D. Alexander, B. Wassing, M. Van Steenwinkel and H.J. Droste

605-614 4C seismic anisotropy integration for fracture characterization of carbonate reservoirs applied in Idd El Shargi fields, offshore QatarE. Maili, K.H. Habib and J. Rush

Pocket Figure 7 (Al-Ghamdi and Read, p. 367-410); Enclosures I-1 and I-2 (van Buchem et al., p. 503-548)

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