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Stratigraphic Palynology of the Paleozoic of Saudi Arabia

Knowledge of the Palaeozoic biostratigraphy of the Arabian Peninsula, situated close to the northern margin of Gondwana, was poorly known until a joint special project was held by the Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco) and the Commission Internationale de Microflore du Paléozoïque (CIMP) in 1990. Prior to that only a small number of investigations had been published. Few efforts had been made to exploit the stratigraphic potentials of the many undescribed indigenous microfossils. The joint Saudi Aramco-CIMP project was designed to reverse that situation. Comprehensive studies were carried out on a range of microfossil groups throughout the Palaeozoic and results were published in 1995, and in this book in 2000.

Authors: Sa’id Al-Hajri, Mansour Al-Ruwaili, Geoffrey Clayton, John Filatoff, Alain Le Hérissé, Ken T. Higgs, Stanislas Loboziak, John E.A. Marshall, Stewart G. Molyneux, Bernard Owens, Florentin Paris, Jacques Verniers, Philippe Steemans, Michael H. Stephenson, and Charles H. Wellman.

Editors: Sa’id Al-Hajri and Bernard Owens. 231 pages, 40 plates/62 illustrations. 2000 
ISBN 99901-04-01-8

Editors: Sa’id Al-Hajri and Bernard Owens
231 pages
40 plates/62 illustrations

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Gulf PetroLink
P.O. Box 20393
Manama, Bahrain
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4-5 Foreword

6-7 Introduction

10-17 Sub-surface Palynostratigraphy of the Palaeozoic of Saudi Arabia
Sa’id Al-Hajri (Saudi Aramco) and Bernard Owens (University of Sheffield)

18-41 Palynology of a Problematic Lower Palaeozoic Lithofacies in the Central Arabian Basin, Saudi Arabia
Stewart G. Molyneux (British Geological Survey) and Sa’id Al-Hajri (Saudi Aramco)

42-56 Ordovician Chitinozoans from Central Saudi Arabia
Florentin Paris (University of Rennes I), Jacques Verniers (University of Gent)
and Sa’id Al-Hajri (Saudi Aramco)

57-81 Characteristics of the Acritarch Recovery in the Early Silurian of Saudi Arabia
Alain Le Hérissé (Université de Bretagne Occidentale)

82-91 New Silurian Acritarchs from the Sub-surface of Northwestern Saudi Arabia
Mansour Al-Ruwaili (Saudi Aramco)

92-115 Cryptospores and Trilete Spores from the Llandovery, Nuayyim-2 Borehole, Saudi Arabia
Philippe Steemans (Université de Liège), Ken T. Higgs (University College)
and Charles H. Wellman (University of Sheffield)

116-133 Spore Assemblages from a Silurian Sequence in Borehole Hawiyah-151 from Saudi Arabia
Charles H. Wellman (University of Sheffield), Ken T. Higgs (University College)
and Philippe Steemans (Université de Liège)

134-145 Middle to Early Late Devonian Miospore Biostratigraphy of Saudi Arabia
Stanislas Loboziak (French National Centre of Scientific Research)

146-153 Latest Devonian and Early Carboniferous Miospore Assemblages from Saudi Arabia
Geoffrey Clayton (Trinity College), Bernard Owens (University of Sheffield), Sa’id Al-Hajri and John Filatoff (Saudi Aramco)

154-167 Evidence of Mid-Carboniferous Miospore Assemblages from Central Saudi Arabia
Bernard Owens (University of Sheffield), John Filatoff (Saudi Aramco), Geoffrey Clayton (Trinity College) and Sa’id Al-Hajri (Saudi Aramco)

168-191 Correlation of Carboniferous-Permian Palynological Assemblages from Oman and Saudi Arabia
Michael H. Stephenson (British Geological Survey) and John Filatoff (Saudi Aramco)

192-215 Description and Correlation of Late Permian Palynological Assemblages from the Khuff Formation, Saudi Arabia and Evidence for the Duration of the Pre-Khuff Hiatus
Michael H. Stephenson (British Geological Survey) and John Filatoff (Saudi Aramco)

216-231 Palynofacies and Orbital Cyclicity: An example from the Silurian of Saudi Arabia 
John E.A. Marshall (Southampton Oceanography Centre)

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